About Us

Hi! We are Carolyn and Albert – two millennials sharing our personal experiences of growing out of what we call the Straight A’s Syndrome.

What is Straight A’s Syndrome? It is the feeling of always needing to be perfect, to make no mistakes, always to be overachieving, to meet others’ expectations of you…to be bionic.

We want to break away from this…after all, we are just humans trying to find our way in a very complex and complicated world.

What is our approach? As you will see from our first podcast episode (Episode 1: 401k and Roth IRA), we want to share our experiences and insights through real and open conversations. It is humorous – you will hear mistakes being made during our dialogue because that is how conversations often are. It isn’t perfect but it is riddled with our honest and genuine thoughts…and some laughs along the way.

Feedback and questions are most welcome 🙂

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